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  • Downpour on Cayuga August 21, 2014
    Blog Photo:  Our beautiful morning turned into a downpour. Photo by Charles Waldorf. Exclude from series:  Included
  • The rain is coming down in buckets August 21, 2014
    A few minutes ago we could see a mile across the lake and within our view were 50 or 60 of the Elite Anglers.   Right now we can see a few hundred yards. This rain came with a vengeance. One minute it was a nice day, the next it was pouring like a bilge pump from the sky.   We had just set up on Mark Davis, who is having a good day to this point, sending a m
  • It's raining cats and dogs on Cayuga August 21, 2014
    Anglers are fishing through the heavy downpour on Cayuga this morning. Exclude from series:  Included read more

Just a Few Casts

Railroad Tracks After several long days at work I decided to unwind by hitting the Flint River today. The water level was normal for this time of year but it seemed a little cooler than expected. Vibrant green reeds lined the river banks while the middle of the knee deep water was littered by random boulders and smaller rocks.

The setting sun punched through openings in the mature trees bordering the river’s edge and an assortment of dragon flies and small gnats hovered above the moss filtered water. This was the perfect backdrop to my third trip of the 2012 season.

Armed with my ultra lite rod and reel and a red and black hot grub with a chartreuse tail I made my first series of casts. My initial focus was the grass reeds and a few casts later I was rewarded with a decent rock bass. The fish hit the lure hard and put up a decent fight. After landing the fish and taking a few photos I released it.

Children playing in the distance could be heard and their voices became louder and louder. One uttered the words “I’m going to throw sticks in the water” and with that I knew it was time to head toward the house. On my way up river I noticed a fish snapping at something in the shallowest of waters. I figured what the heck and made two casts in the vicinity. As the lure hit the water on the second cast a fish immediately hit and started to swim off. I set the hook and finessed the little guy in. It turned out to be a palm sized bream. The thought of taking it home crossed my mind but instead I opted to take a photo and release it. Who wants to clean a single fish anyway?

Overall this was a great trip. I got a chance to get in some much needed exercise and caught three fish along the way. Not too shabby.

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