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  • Champlain is strong and improving July 29, 2014
    Residents concerned that bass on the southern end of Champlain won't return after they're released have nothing to worry about, says Gene Gilliland, because the void in any area fills up very quickly. read more
  • Hot Product Press: Rod Runner July 29, 2014
    The Rod Runner keeps your sticks safe, at the ready and tangle-free whether you’re carrying them or stowing them in a vehicle or in your home. read more
  • The versatile worm July 29, 2014
    Most anglers have their favorite summertime lures, from deep diving crankbaits to spoons and jigs. Well, make sure you add “big worms” to the list because nothing tempts those summer deepwater bass like a 10-inch soft plastic. read more

2010-2011 Hunting Trailer

This video shows the work that went into preparing for the 2010-11 hunting season.