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  • ECU looking to cull July 31, 2014
    Blog Photo:  Mike Corbishley and Ronnie Moore from Eastern Carolina looking to cull. Exclude from series:  Included
  • Bumpy lake July 31, 2014
    Blog Photo:  A narrow band of storms are pushing through Plattsburgh, NY. We are optimistic they will be over before the weigh-in begins. The lake is "bumpy" and those heading back to Plattsburgh will find much different conditions than their trip this morning. Exclude from series:  Included
  • Day 1 on Champlain July 31, 2014
    Opens anglers begin their quest for the 2015 Bassmaster Classic. read more

Georgia on My Mind

Zach's Snapper

For the past few years our Uncle Douglas has invited us to join him and his wife on a deep sea fishing trip. We were slated to go out last year during the 4th of July holiday but the oil spill in the Gulf resulted in us aborting our plans. The start of 2011 brought another invitation, one in which we accepted. Just like the year before we were slated to head out during the 4th of July weekend and just like the previous year we were excited about it.

Saturday morning we started the 8 hour trip to Savannah, GA. After making several stops for fuel, food and stretching we finally arrived at our hotel. Once we checked into the hotel we headed to our room and were sorely disappointed in the condition of the room. Thankfully we were quickly able to find an alternate hotel. After checking in and settling in for a few minutes we headed out for an evening on the town in historic Savannah.

While in the historic district we tried our best to get into Paula Dean’s restaurant, The Lady & Sons, but the wait was crazy. As such, we ended up grabbing a quick bite of pizza. After leaving the pizzeria we took a stroll to the river front. As we strode through the sidewalks a humid Atlantic breeze blew across our bodies. The sound of a live jazz band playing in the background was the perfect pairing to watching boats sail in from and out to sea. As the sun started to set we figured a carriage ride would be a nice way to cap off the evening. It turned out to be one of our favorite activities of the evening. We learned so much about the history of the area while enjoying a wonderful sunset. What a perfect way to celebrate our 13th year anniversary and spend quality time with our sons. Read More of Georgia on My Mind